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Bronze Suppliers of USA and Canada

With the many uses of bronze, bronze suppliers are always in demand. Blessed with its distinct characteristics that are different from other metals, bronze sheet products and other variations are beneficial in many ways.

Bronze was originally used for producing tools, weapons and armor during the ancient times. Over the years though, people have come to discover more uses for the alloy in its different forms such as the bronze sheets which bronze sheet suppliers provide.

Bronze suppliers provide different kinds of the alloy. One of the most common is the alpha bronze, which can be used for coins, springs, turbines and blades. Commercial bronze and architectural bronze are popular too for architectural purposes. Meanwhile, bismuth bronze which can hold a good polish is sometimes used in light reflectors and mirrors.

Since bronze causes minimal friction, it is typically used in machine parts and other applications that involve metal-on-metal contact. It does not spark when struck against a hard surface as well; that’s why it’s efficient to use in producing hammers, mallets, wrenches and other durable tools. Statues are a common use of bronze, too.

If you need a supplier for your business, Rotax Metals is the ideal choice among bronze sheet suppliers. We not only boast an extensive inventory of non-ferrous metals, we also take pride in our knowledgeable staff who will assist you in your metal needs. Our 60 years in the industry speaks for itself, so why not avail of our services today? We can provide you the following bronze supplies:

1. architectural bronze rectangular rod
2. architectural bronze extrusions: architectural bronze angle, architectural bronze channel, architectural bronze T-shape, special shapes
3. commercial bronze sheet

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