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Copper Manufacturers Servicing USA and Canada

It’s everywhere – buildings, hospitals, homes and even ships. One of the most important metals, copper has numerous uses in almost all industries. Because of its high rates of consumption, copper manufacturers continue to produce items made of copper for various businesses.

Characterized with very high thermal and electrical conductivity, copper is mainly used as a thermal and electrical conductor. Its malleability allows copper suppliers to form it into various shapes and sizes to be shipped worldwide. In fact copper sheet suppliers send it out in rolls and sheets to be used in arts and crafts, home improvement, construction, manufacturing and more.

Piping businesses are among those served by copper manufacturers and suppliers. Copper use here includes water supply, as well as in refrigeration and air conditioning equipment. Electrical machines and apparatuses such as printed circuit boards and vacuum tubes also use copper to function. In homes, copper can be used to protect your roofs from leaks, while in commercial spaces it can prevent a building from being struck by lightning.

Because of copper’s importance and contributions to various fields, most businesses seek for a competent copper resource. Good thing there’s Rotax Metals which stand out among other copper suppliers with its 60 years in the industry. We take care of all of your metal needs with our extensive inventory. Our copper supply includes:

1.  copper square rod
2.  copper rectangular rod
3.  copper round rodAs copper sheet suppliers, we also offer:

1.  copper sheet of HC 1/4 hard
2.  copper sheet soft
3.  copper sheet cold rolled

Rotax Metals is unmatched when it comes to providing high-quality metals and exceptional service. Call us now at 1-718-272-9800 to avail of our services. We give you what your business needs.