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Copper Rods

Rotax Metals is your number one source for square, rectangular and round copper rods in various sizes.

For over fifty years, Rotax Metals has been supplying high quality brass and copper rods, and other non-ferrous metal products to a variety of industries. You can count on us to provide the highest quality products and the best service.

Why Copper?

Copper, along with its alloys, can be considered one of the “ancient industrial materials.” It was one of the earliest metallic elements that ancient man discovered and used. This red-orange metal is known for its malleability and ductility, making it easy to form and shape during the manufacturing process.


In construction, copper has been used as roofing and cladding since ancient times. It is a favorite of designers and builders because of the copper sulfate patina that naturally forms on the metal’s surface as a result of exposure to the elements. This green colored coating actually enhances the copper roof’s protective qualities. It also gives the structure unique appeal. Aside from roofing, copper is also used as water and refrigerant piping, and as exterior and interior accents for houses and other structures.

Heat and Thermal Conduction

Copper is also an excellent conductor and is widely used for electronic and electrical applications. Copper wiring, electromagnets, and printed circuit boards are some examples of such uses. Copper rod lightning arresters or lightning rods can usually be seen atop houses and buildings. This array of poles safely redirects high voltage lightning strikes into the ground through a series of copper wires, thereby protecting the building from damage.

Another useful characteristic of copper is its high heat conductivity. This makes it ideal for use as heat sinks especially in modern computer systems.

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