A Copper Sheet Supplier Explains the Best Way to Remove Scratches

Whether you’re producing home décor items out of copper as a hobby or as a living, you must learn how to protect the sheet metal. Copper material will easily scratch if a sharp object rubs against it. However, by following a few steps recommended by a copper sheet supplier, you can eliminate minor and major scratches with ease.

A Copper Sheet Supplier Explains the Best Way to Remove Scratches

Preparation Procedures

To begin the preparation process, wipe the copper with a soft rag and an all-purpose cleanser. This strategy will remove any grit that may scratch the material during the polishing process. When the copper is totally clean, grab a dry cloth and wipe the material thoroughly. The goal is to eliminate any remaining cleaning residue.

Scratch Removal Procedures

If your copper décor is scratched, you can remove the flaw by using a Tripoli paste. You can find this product at most home improvement stores. During the application process, apply the polishing compound directly on the scratch. After the product sets, buff the spot gently with a cotton pad. To achieve the best results, use rapid circular motions throughout the buffing process.

At this point, you must cleanse the copper again with an all-purpose cleaner. If the scratch is slightly noticeable, apply more paste and buff the surface a second time. After the scratch is completely removed, wipe off the paste and polish the copper with a dry rag. At the end of the polishing process, the copper will be extremely smooth and glossy.

Prevention Considerations

If you design unique items of a copper, you can protect the finishes by using a good protective coating. At most stores, you’ll find hundreds of products that contain unique additives and polymers. Nitrocellulose is an affordable option that’s used during exterior applications. Although this coating doesn’t prevent chemical damage, it’s a good investment because the product dries very quickly.

Acrylic is a more expensive solution that provides great protection in heated environments. The only disadvantage is that this type of coating can’t be used during highly advanced architectural projects because it‘s not stripped.

If you’re wondering where to buy copper sheets, companies like Rotax Metals are here to help. They offer a wide range of metal products, including copper sheets, which you can use for your business or hobby.


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