Brass Sheet Metal Properties: Its Uses and Advantages in Plumbing

Brass is a kind of metal that has been in use in quite a number of different industries. From well-known, everyday trades such as plumbing, construction, and manufacturing of such varied products as musical instruments, furniture, and display and lighting fixtures; to lesser-known industries such as aviation and naval equipment — all make use of this metal. One has to ask the question, “What makes brass stand out from other kinds of metal”?

One of the most popular uses of brass is in plumbing fixtures, and an article in explains to consumers why brass plumbing fixtures are preferable over other kinds. The article lists down the properties of brass which make it ideal for plumbing use.

One of these properties is brass’ high resistance to corrosion. This is also a good reason why aviation and naval industries, industrial designers, and even jewelry makers use of versatile brass sheet metal in their products.

5 benefits of Brass Plumbing Fittings

Brass can also withstand very high temperatures, and has excellent conductivity, making them ideal materials for conveying hot water in a residential or commercial space.

Moreover, brass is surprisingly flexible and highly moldable compared to other metals. In plumbing fixtures, this property translates to a wide variety of shapes and sizes, as well as adaptability to various specifications. As the article describes brass fittings:

Brass fittings are more malleable than steel or iron. It is easier to bend, shape or mold brass fittings than those made from most metals. This makes it easier to undertake plumbing works. Installations costs are kept low because of the ease involved. Maintenance work is also easier with brass fittings due to the flexibility of the material. The flexibility of brass doesn’t detract from the durable characteristic of fittings.

This same quality makes brass perfect for uses that require precision, including items that would need further retrofitting or adjustment.

A good example is architectural brass angle, which has a wide variety of uses in home and building construction, particularly applications that offer support and reinforcement, as well decorative and framing purposes.

Those who want to make use of brass in whatever venture can rely on established brass and bronze purveyors, such as Rotax Metals, which specialize in high quality copper, bronze, and brass products. They can also provide customers with an extensive inventory of brass items which they can further retrofit or adjust, depending on one’s specifications.

When looking for a metal that speaks reliability and versatility, one can make the case that brass would be one such product worth considering.

(Source: 5 Benefits of Brass Plumbing Fittings, Do It Yourself)

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