Brass Sheet Metal: Suitable Substitute for Making Fashion Jewelry

Gold and silver might be the most preferred metals when it comes to jewelry-making, but not every artisan or fashion jewelry maker has some gold or silver to spare especially in mass production. Gold and silver are two of the most precious metals in the world, which also means that they command a high price. With affordability as a problem, fashion jewelers often turn to other metals.  Brass is a copper alloy that makes for a suitable substitute in making fashion jewelry. Yellow brass sheet metal, in particular, is ideal for crafting jewelry for a number of different reasons.

Brass Sheet Metal Suitable Substitute for Making Fashion Jewelry

Not All That Glitters is Gold

Gold jewelry has a very fancy and elegant appearance, which is why it is preferred by both men and women around the world. The warm, yellow color and the value make them desirable as gifts. Brass can easily give gold a run for the money in terms of color. Yellow brass is just as stunning as true gold with its color that closely approximates that of the precious metal, especially when given a bright satin finish– all for a fraction of what you will pay for gold.

Easy to Work On

Those who like working on gold and silver will find brass just as appealing. Many jewelry designers swear by its flexibility, which allows them to craft decorative, intricate pieces with ease using different techniques. Brass stamping, for example, may be employed to produce beautiful works of art. Brass can withstand high temperatures unlike other jewelry materials like plated aluminum that easily melt. Flame painting or heat patina is another widely used technique for brass. It requires passing the brass sheet metal over a flame, giving it an aged, vintage look that many love.

Resistant to Tarnishing

One other advantage of brass is that it doesn’t require much work to clean, which is a boon for fashion jewelry enthusiasts. Maintaining the sheen of brass jewelry is so easy that you don’t need to buy expensive cleaning chemicals—a few every day home items will do. Washing in hot soapy water may do the trick, but lemon juice mixed with vinegar, salt, or baking soda is also a good alternative.

Brass is such a versatile material that it has many uses other than in crafting jewelry. In architecture, for example, brass angle pieces are sought after for various applications. Companies like Rotax Metals provide brass in several shapes, forms, and sizes, including as sheets, bars, and many more, to cater to the needs of its many users.

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