Brass Tubing Can Help Achieve Old-Fashioned Glamor in Hotel Designs

Hotels are the standard bearers of luxury. From the moment they step into the lobby, guests are treated to exquisite architecture, plush furnishings, and attentive service. And since ambience is such an important part of a hotel experience, operators and architects pay special attention to the design and details in such establishments.


That’s why many hotels around the world use brass to lend a sense of warmth and glamor to their facility. Brass is a type of alloy made from combining copper and zinc in various proportions, resulting to a resilient metal that exudes a gold-like color and sheen.

There are many ways to use this material in your hotel, and one of the most versatile options is high-quality brass tubing. How can you incorporate them into your facility? Below are a few ideas.

Luggage Cart

A brass luggage cart lends a vintage feel to your hotel, and tells your guests that they can expect an excellent service from the get go. Since brass is also one of the sturdiest alloys in the market, you can expect to get years of use from your brass luggage carts, making it a win-win option from a design and practicality standpoint.

Lounge Chairs

The hotel lounge serves as the living room of your establishment, which means it has to be both comfortable and stylish at the first time. Indeed, the lounge gives a guest an idea of how well furnished his own room will be, so your seating has to be top-notch. In that regard, you can get chairs with brass tube frames that are both modern looking yet sophisticated.

Bathroom Fixtures

Given its versatility and resistance to corrosion, it’s not surprising why many businesses use brass tubing for their plumbing. But its attractive golden sheen also means that it can be used not just for plumbing but also for bathroom fixtures such as faucets. If you’re looking for a way to give your bathrooms and restrooms a vintage feel, brass fixtures are the way to go.

For luxury facilities such as hotels, every detail counts. Luckily, brass products can help you achieve a deluxe look while offering reliability and resilience. If you plan on using this alloy, be sure to secure them via a trusted supplier that offers top-notch engraving brass and tubes.


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