The classic look of bronze and brass cannot be beat. Brass sales have increased as more and more people have recognized the beauty and durability of brass. Produced by select mills, Rotax Metals’ brass pieces have been carefully chosen for their durability and the precision of their manufacturing.

You deserve the best value for your money when you purchase our products, and we offer only the best in brass, at affordable prices. We offer many different options when we talk about brass. With so much versatility in brass it is no wonder that it is one of our biggest sale items. Whether you are needing it for engraving brass or need brass tubing, Rotax can cover all your brass needs.

Our brass sheet and plate selection is as follows:

Alloy 353 – Leaded Brass Plates

We offer leaded brass plates in a variety of sizes and thickness to fit our clients’ specifications and needs. Although this product is in high demand among our customers, we do not sacrifice quality to meet the high quota. These plates are perfect for engraving purposes or for machining into meter gears for clocks. This highly machinable brass is recommended for CNC applications.

Alloy 464 – Naval Brass Plates

Naval brass plates are extremely durable and specially designed to resist corrosion. They are popular for applications that call for hard-wearing materials that can resist seawater and other caustic substances. In addition, these plates are easy to cut into shape, making them a good choice for individuals that need to complete a project quickly.

Other Brass Sheets

Aside from the above two alloys, we also offer other brass sheets, each with varying characteristics to fulfill specific application requirements.

  • Alloy 230 – Rich Low
  • Alloy 260 – 70/30 Brass
  • Alloy 280 – Muntz
  • Alloy 365 – Leaded Muntz
  • Alloy 485 – Leaded Naval

Brass Angles

Preferred for shopfitting, construction, and architectural uses. Due to its enduring features, the brass angle has been used for many applications by fabricators, designers, and artisans. Our angles are made of C385 architectural bronze and comes in a wide variety of sizes to suit every need.

Brass Extrusions

We offer custom brass extrusions to fill in varied applications, such as:

  • Architectural shapes
  • Decorative fixtures
  • Furniture accents
  • Gates
  • Handrails and railing
  • Hinges
  • Electrical fixtures
  • Parts for musical instruments
  • Signage parts

The two main advantages of this process over other manufacturing processes are its ability to create very complex cross-sections and in many cases, add strength to the structure. It also forms parts with an excellent surface finish.

Rotax Supplies the Brass You Need

As brass suppliers, our metal products can be used for various applications, such as architecture, technology, machines, decoration, and so on. Our company emphasizes the rapid turn-around of our products, and we can ship our items upon request. For more information, call 718-272-9800 today.