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We Offer Consultations and Recommendations

We invite our clients to consult with us regarding their part needs. We want to understand what they require from a part before actually producing it. Then we recommend which materials to use, whether we create predominantly brass pieces or copper-based alloys to suit your specifications.


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Once you share your part specifications with us, we will ensure that our partnered mills get your designs right, down to the very last detail. You can always rely on us to get the job done.

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Cost Effective

We Meet Your Budget

We work to ensure that our supply of custom brass extrusions will be cost-effective for your business. Our team will assess the work that needs to be done for your parts to be made and ensure that they are in exceptional condition, but also meet your budget.

Custom Brass Extrusions

A Few Applications
  • Architectural shapes
  • Decorative fixtures
  • Furniture accents
  • Gates
  • Handrails and railing
  • Hinges
  • Electrical fixtures
  • Parts for musical instruments
  • Signage parts
  • And much more …

Brass is one of the most versatile metals to use in fabrication and manufacturing. As a highly malleable metal, brass also happens to have a very low melting point that allows metalworkers to easily cast the material into whatever shape they want. This makes the metal invaluable for crafting small parts where a non-ferromagnetic, non-sparking component is needed.

Unless you can cast your own brass, you will need to purchase these parts from the right suppliers. If you need specially-designed brass extrusions, it is important to select a supplier that is willing to accommodate specific requests. Rotax Metals is committed toward supplying you with the right brass products, so feel free to request for custom parts from the company.

Our machined brass products can fulfill a variety of applications, depending on what our customers need. We are open to suggestions from our clients, and we strive to faithfully recreate your specifications. Regardless of the shape or size of our versatile brass extrusions, or how varied their applications may be, our customers can expect consistently high product quality.

For more information about our brass products, get in touch with us by calling 718.272.9800.

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