Rotax Metals has supplied brass extrusions since 1948. We offer high quality materials, custom sizes and superior customer service. Call today!A little touch of gold can easily spice up a home, business or any kind of space. Since gold is such a precious and expensive metal, it is considered a luxury. However, because of alloy brass, a popular alternative to gold for its sparkling, attractive and gold-like appearance, it is possible to have the Midas Touch in your own home, without the cost. Over the years, brass manufacturers have produced various kinds of brass products, which have been used in homes, commercial spaces and even for architectural and industrial purposes.

Thanks to brass rod suppliers such as Rotax Metals, people continue to enjoy dainty household furnishings such as shower rods or curtain rods. Brass rods manufacturers prefer to work with the alloy because of its low melting point. This means that it can be easily shaped according to your preferences.

Brass rods come in different sizes, shapes and properties. Brass manufacturers offer different variations, which can be used for different purposes as well. Rotax Metals is a reliable brass manufacturer that offers the following kinds of brass rods:

1. hexagonal rods
2. rectangular rods
3. round rods
4. half round rods
5. full oval rods
6. half oval rods
7. square rods
8. large heart-shaped rods

More efficient and cost-effective than other metals, brass rods are the best choice for your business. If your business thrives on brass products such as locks, gears, doorknobs, musical instruments and even plumbing applications, brass rod suppliers like us can assist you in your metal supply needs.

Among the other brass rods manufacturers, Rotax Metals has the edge in experience, knowledge and customer service. Our 60 years in the industry has allowed us to cultivate a history of highest quality customer service.

We look forward to doing business with you. As a top-notch brass manufacturer, we can accommodate requests for large batches for any destination throughout the United States and Canada. Call us now at 1-718-272-9800 for all of your metal needs.