More than just for its attractive appearance, brass is well loved for its many uses. Brass also boasts a number of various advantages, such as its resistance to most forms of corrosion, low maintenance requirements, ease of machining, superior durability, temperature tolerance, non-ferromagnetic characteristics, anti-microbial properties, and much more. Since it’s more malleable than some metals, brass can be formed in various shapes and sizes, one of which is the brass sheets, which you can buy from sheet brass suppliers.

If you’re in the business of brass hardware, it’s important that you have a trusted supplier consistently meeting your manufacturing demands. Brass sheets vary in sizes and thickness, and they can be either soft or hard, depending on how they were processed. It is important to select a supplier who can provide a steady stream of consistently high-quality brass products to meet your manufacturing and fabrication needs.

A lot of other businesses benefit from the different products distributed by sheet brass suppliers like Rotax Metals. Jewelry companies, for instance, can use the yellow brass sheet to manufacture various items. Because of its light gold color and bright satin finish, brass has many commercial and industrial applications. It also helps that brass is extremely malleable, and a sheet of the metal can be easily fashioned into a part or decorative piece as needed.

If you manufacture musical instruments, you also need a good supply of brass. Most wind musical instruments such as trumpets, tubas and horns are made of brass since the alloy has good acoustic properties. As a reputable brass supplier, Rotax Metals has provided brass alloy for instrument manufacturers around the country.

Even tableware and utensils are made of brass. Brass tableware can either have an antique or polished finish. Brass is durable and does not rust or tarnish easily, making it the perfect material for tableware and utensils. Additionally, brass’ anti-microbial properties allow the kitchenware to be relatively germ-free and safe for both cooking and eating with. Our brass kitchen items include napkin rings, jugs, cutlery, crockery, trays, wine chillers and other cooking utensils.

Whatever you use brass for, if your business relies heavily on the supply of brass sheets, you’ll need a reliable brass sheet supplier. We at Rotax Metals are your best choice among other sheet brass suppliers. Our unparalleled expertise has continually improved within our 60 years in the industry. It has allowed us to cultivate a history of highest quality service and stand out among our competitors. This has made us one of the top-notch brass sheet suppliers in the industry, distributing our products throughout the North American continent.

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Rotax Metals offers high quality brass plates offered at highly competitive prices. The brass plate products that we carry are carefully selected from the best mill sources in the world to ensure that clients receive only the best value for their money.

If you are uncertain as to which brass plate best suits your needs, our trained and knowledgeable associates are always ready to provide you with the right information and suggestions about the plates and their applications.

Sought After Brass Sheets and Plates We Offer
As a leading distributor and supplier of brass and copper alloys in North America, we carry a wide selection of quality sheets and plates.

Alloy 353 – Leaded Brass Plates
We offer leaded brass plates in various sizes and thickness. Because these are in such great demand, we are committed to fabricating these products using high-grade material from only the most reliable sources. Some of the common applications for this product include engraving plates and clock’s meter gears.

Alloy 464 – Naval Brass Plates
Naval brass plates are known for their durability and excellent corrosion resistance. These traits make it have such a high demand in various types of industries. Another advantage of naval brass plates is that they are easier to cut, making them a great choice for projects that need to be urgently completed.

Other Brass Sheets We Carry
As brass plates are used in a wide range of applications and are one of the most commonly used components in domestic and industrial industries, we offer a number of other brass sheets with high tensile strength. These are:

  • Alloy 230 – Rich Low
  • Alloy 260 – 70/30 Brass
  • Alloy 280 – Muntz
  • Alloy 365 – Leaded Muntz
  • Alloy 485 – Leaded Naval

About Rotax Metals
Rotax Metals is a leading supplier of high quality brass, copper and non-ferrous alloy products since 1948. Our history and reputation remains unsurpassed as we continue to provide our clients with superior quality products, professional service, and highly competitive prices.

Our products have been used in various architectural applications, as well as domestic, high technology, and machine applications in the United States and Canada.

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