Brass Tubing Suppliers of USA and Canada

Known for providing top-notch brass tubes, Rotax Metals, Inc. is one of the quality brass tubes suppliers in the state of New York. With years of unyielding dedication to the craft, our brass tubes are guaranteed to be efficient, durable, and practical for residential, commercial, and industrial use.

You see brass in homes, hotels, restaurants and other commercial spaces. Because of its gold-like appearance, brass tubing instantly adds beauty to a room or space. This is also the reason why it’s a popular choice for residential and commercial applications, but brass tube suppliers do not limit themselves in providing brass tubes for such purposes alone. In fact a lot of businesses in other industries also value brass-tubing suppliers as their business’s resource for brass tubes. This includes automotive and trucking companies, industrial cleaners, original equipment manufacturers, refrigeration manufacturers and repair shops.

Brass tube suppliers can provide you with various shapes and sizes of brass tubing that you can use for your business. Others offer to customize brass tubes, such as engraving brass with logos, to meet your business’s needs. We at Rotax Metals offer you a wide variety of brass tubing, such as square brass tubing.

Our inventory includes:

  • brass round tube in various sizes
  • brass square tube
  • rich low square tube
  • architectural bronze square tube
  • rich low rectangular tube
  • brass rectangular tube
  • architectural bronze rectangular tube
  • brass reeded tube
  • brass roped tube
  • brass hexagonal tube

For residential and commercial purposes, brass tubing is often used as railings for stairs, handrails and footrails. It can also be used in various items such as refrigeration products, radiator cores, clocks, watches, fire extinguishers and water pipes.

No other brass tubes suppliers in the US will provide you with the same quality of brass tubes that you can use for home design purposes. Here at Rotax Metals, you are sure to find the type of brass tubing you need to make your home or building more elegant, classy, and stylish.

With so many brass tubing suppliers out there, choosing one for your business can be difficult. Fortunately though, we at Rotax Metals make it a lot easier for you. With our 60 years in providing high-quality non-ferrous copper, brass metals and excellent service, you won’t need to look for another supplier. Our extensive inventory of metal products and brilliant personnel can provide you all your metal needs for your business.

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