Compared to some metals, bronze and its alloys are a lot tougher and resist corrosion better. This makes bronze the go-to metal for most manufacturers and fabricators for rugged or outdoor applications. While bronze is not too difficult to smelt, cast, or mill into a desired shape, it can be challenging for industrialists to reliably source the material for their projects.

Rotax Metals is an established company known for supplying superior brass and copper products to various industries. In addition to our milled and shaped products, we also offer bronze in the form of bars; these bars are made from quality bronze and are ready for smelting. If you need raw bronze or a bronze alloy for casting, then look no further than our products for your metalworking needs.

Why Choose Bronze?
Metalworkers specifically choose bronze or its alloys to fill strict part specifications. Its distinct characteristics allow the metal to play numerous roles that other metals cannot seem to replicate. Bronze’s ubiquity also helps, and it is not too particularly difficult to find enough of the material.

Bronze is naturally resistant to corrosion, making it the perfect material for naval components such as ship propellers. Its malleability also makes it a perennial favorite among sculptors as a material for statues and monuments, particularly when the bronze is alloyed with silicon. Additionally, certain bronze alloys are predominantly used for musical instruments due to their excellent percussive characteristics. In fact, bronze is liberally used to raft the strings of pianos and guitars.

The metal is also a prime choice in industrial applications for its other unique features. Bronze’s non-magnetic quality can be a boon for certain delicate uses. In addition, the metal does not generate sparks when struck against a hard surface, making it perfect for creating tools and components to be used in the presence of flammable materials. Finally, bronze boasts notably low metal-on-metal friction, making it the metal of choice for bearings, bushings, springs, and other moving fittings.

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