The use of bronze sheet metal (and other sheet metals) has followed us throughout history. Since ancient times it has been the first step in technological progress both as a contributor and as a benefactor. It has been a perfect medium for construction and beauty due to its flexibility and strength.

Highly prized for its many properties, bronze metals is a popular choice for tool makers and blacksmiths.  Since bronze causes minimal friction, it is typically used in machine parts and other applications that involve metal-on-metal contact.

We provide a variety of products to help make fabricators’ jobds easier. In addition to the sheets listed above, we create tubes, angles, channels, rods and extrusions out of this one of the most innovative alloys of mankind. Bronze is harder and more durable then its copper predecessors.  Bronze is actually stronger (harder) than even wrought iron which is why it is the perfect metal for various building materials as well.

Another feature that makes bronze metals so desirable is that it does not spark when struck against a hard surface as well. This curious feature makes it an easy choice when producing hammers, mallets, wrenches and other durable tools.

In addition to its many practical uses, bronze has historically been the metal of choice for decorative tiles, weapons, statues and armor. You can find an example in our gallery. One of our clients created a reproduction of a seventh century Grecian helmet. Statues are also commonly made of bronze that has been chemically darkened and finished.