We are THE Bronze Tubing Suppliers of USA and Canada

Known for providing top-notch bronze tubes, Rotax Metals, Inc. is one of the quality suppliers in the state of New York. Using our vast metalworking experience, our bronze tubes are guaranteed to be efficient, durable, and practical for residential, commercial, and industrial use.
We can provide you with various shapes and sizes of bronze tubing that you can use for your business and artistry. Others offer to customize bronze tubes to meet your business’s needs. We at Rotax Metals offer you a wide variety of bronze including square bronze tubing.

Our inventory includes:

Bronze tube is used in many different applications. We have had standard orders for use in building, mechanics, to more unique applications like modern art! Our bronze tubing is often used for residential and commercial purposes such as railings for stairs, handrails and foot rails. Product manufacturers use our bronze tubes in various items such as refrigeration products, radiator cores, clocks, watches, fire extinguishers and water pipes.

No other bronze tubes suppliers in the US will provide you with the same quality of bronze tubes that you can use for home design purposes. Bronze tubing offers you amazing strength and can withstand wear and corrosion in all types of weather and environments. Here at Rotax Metals, you are sure to find the type of bronze tubing you need to make your home or building more elegant, classy, and stylish.

With so many bronze tubing suppliers out there, choosing one for your business can be difficult. One click of your mouse and many metal suppliers will pop up promising bronze tube, brass and copper products. It can be hard to know the quality you will be supplied and whether or not they will have what you need in stock. You want to know that when you order your bronze tubing that it is the highest quality and arrives right when you need it for your job.

Fortunately, though, we at Rotax Metals make it a lot easier for you. With our 60 years in providing high-quality non-ferrous copper, bronze metals and excellent service, you won’t need to look for another supplier. Our extensive inventory of metal products and brilliant personnel can provide you all your metal needs for your business.

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