Copper and Brass Sales: Holding the Future for More Efficient Lighting

For the past years, more people are making use of light-emitting diodes, or LEDs, in lighting not only homes, but also commercial properties and buildings. Bright yet cost- and energy-efficient, LEDs have been giving light everywhere. Now, recent research suggests that these efficient lights can shine even brighter with copper and brass.

Copper and Brass Sales: Holding the Future for More Efficient Lighting

Brass LEDs: Currently on the Market

LED lighting fixtures have become a staple among homes and buildings, and the most popular of those are made of brass. People opt for these fixtures because it adds style to any space they are placed, and homeowners are now no longer torn between beauty and cost-efficiency.

From landscaping lights to lamps, brass LED fixtures have been a popular choice among homeowners who want to integrate sophistication into their home’s exterior and interior. Expertly-crafted brass LED fixtures, manufactured with top-quality brass for sale from companies like Rotax Metals, are all the more attractive for these homeowners.

Copper and OLEDs: A Bright Future Ahead

While brass is used to make LEDs look sophisticated, copper is being seen to be used as a fluorescent material for organic light-emitting diodes, or OLEDs. A recent study, reported in the journal Science Advances, suggests that copper can be used to make inexpensive and environmentally-friendly OLEDs in the near future.

Dubbed as tomorrow’s source of light, OLEDs homogeneously emit light in all directions, producing more vivid colors and high contrasts. These consist of ultra-thin layers of organic materials serving as the emitter. This new study suggests that, when copper complexes are used as emitter materials, it will cause improvements to the process known as thermally activated delayed fluorescence. This process, in turn, yields high light and higher efficiency.

The study further suggested that, as copper yields significant improvements to OLEDs, significant changes are possible. In fact, the study suggested that copper can be used in manufacturing transparent and flexible OLEDs, leading to a whole new world of other possible applications.

With all these possibilities, both copper and brass hold a huge role in bringing light to every corner of the world. Manufacturers can further explore opportunities in the use of these two metals by seeking high-quality products from copper and brass sales companies.


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