Copper & Brass Sales Increase as More and More Artisans Go into Action

Some people are addicted to shoe sales while others just can’t get enough clothes in their wardrobe. The more creative ones, however, know how to horde good materials for their next arts and craft project. This is the reason why copper and brass sales are not as uncommon as one might lead you to believe. For artisans, copper and brass are two of the most beautiful and easiest pieces to work with.

Depending on its thickness, temper, and finish, sales of copper & brass varies with the client’s current project. Here are some of the most creative projects you can try undertaking using the beautiful pieces you acquired from hanging out inside metal wholesale supply stores.

copper brass sales increase

The rustic kitchen

It is funny how assembling some old-looking copper pipes and brass tubings into a workable plumbing system can bring not only function but a sense of rustic style as well. Aside from making a kitchen look chic, a copper-brass plumbing combination can also turn the house’s market value up a notch as this combination has long been proven sturdy and can last for a very long time without fear of corrosion or leakage.

The old-time bathroom

Just imagine a homemade copper faucet spouts over some solid brass bathroom sink – it gives that nostalgic old Western feel with a splash of modern day swagger. Again, this is one of those home renovations that can potentially add value to the house, making it a sound investment for future reference.

Personalized jewelry

Etching is not easy and doing a project using this technique requires a lot of talent. However the end-product of copper etching seems well worth the effort. These well-crafted pieces of accessories can either be used as a fashion statement or an excellent gift. Customized jewelry can be the start of a successful business.

Amazing light fixtures

Creativity and ingenuity at their finest – building a functional light fixture or chandelier made from slightly heavy tubes and pipes made from brass and copper can truly be astounding. This project tests the limits of the builder in terms of engineering and design. Just imagine the look of envy from your neighbors, friends, and peers if you can pull this project off.

Whether you are planning a big artisan job or a small, intricate one, using brass and copper as your material not only adds beauty and elegance but also durability and immense value as well.


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