Effective Methods For Cleaning Your Brass Sheet Metal Decor Pieces

With brass being one of the trendiest materials used for interior design, it wouldn’t be surprising if you have more than just a couple of items that have brass elements in them. They’re a great choice as an interior design element because its natural shine and appearance can easily elevate the ambiance of a room from plain to elegant.

Part and parcel of having brass decorative items or fixtures, however, is the task of cleaning it to maintain its shine. Otherwise, it will develop a dull patina over time. There are others, however, who prefer this because it supposedly adds texture. Nonetheless, here are some effective cleaning tips that you can apply for pieces made of brass sheet metal.

Cleaning Your Brass Sheet Metal Decor Pieces

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Brass may be intimidating as a material, but it’s actually very easy to clean. In fact, for the more common items, like the decorative pieces in your room or the fixtures in the bathroom, you can get them cleaned using only a couple of items that can be found in your kitchen.

You’ll only need half a lemon and about a teaspoon of baking soda for the cleaning solution. Just mix the two together to form a paste that you will rub on the brass for cleaning. Rub it on the areas that you would like to clean, carefully working your way into the crevices, and then rinse the paste off. Repeat the process until it appears just how you want it. Then, give it one final rinse then leave to dry.

You can also use another substitute ingredient, such as salt, in case baking soda is not available. The application of this mixture is different, though, as you’ll need to put the salt on the lemon slice, which you will then use to rub on the brass item itself. After thoroughly but gently scrubbing the entire item, it’s time to give it a quick wash under warm water.

These tips may be simple but are definitely handy, especially if you want to restore the gloss and shine of your brass pieces at home. It’s also a huge plus that not only is it effective, but it is also most certainly cost-effective.

Whether you’re working with brass channel or sheet metal, bars or tubes, you can apply these techniques to keep them looking brand new.


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