Engraving Brass and Other Metals to Upgrade Aesthetic Value

Brass is such an easy metal to work with because of its flexible and malleable properties. It can be shaped and formed into any shape, while still keeping its strength. This is why it’s among the most commonly used metals for everyday items, ranging from tall buildings to majestic ships and planes, even to cozy houses and to the smallest piece of jewelry.

Engraving Brass and Other Metals to Upgrade Aesthetic Value

Cutting, shaping and welding are not the only processes that can be done to brass, though. It can also be engraved on with some nifty tools. This is a fantastic option for designers who would like to add a more personalized or customized feel to the product being delivered to the client.

Engraving for a Personalized Touch

Just about any surface can be engraved upon. A brass locket or metal sheet over the countertop can easily be designed with an engraved marking for clients who would prefer to have their items specially made for them. Monogrammed initials are usually a safe bet, particularly for jewelry items.

There are several ways engraving brass or any other similar types of metal can be done. Hand-engraving is one option, using a push graver. A chisel, a small lightweight hammer, and an even lighter hand is also another way. Then, there’s the faster method of using pneumatic air gravers, which is basically a combination of both the push-graver and the chisel and hammer technique.

Whichever is used, careful handling is a must to ensure that the layout scratches will be a sufficient enough guide for the rest of the process. Depending on the thickness of your metal, determine the depth of engraving you would prefer for your chosen design.

Aesthetic Benefits

Even a simple brass tubing or metal sheet can easily become sophisticated and elegant-looking through simple engraved markings. A vase, a serving tray, a picture frame, or brass platings can become totally different items with a brand new character, thanks to its engraved design.

Anyone working with metals like brass can ensure to get quality materials from reputable suppliers like Rotax Metals. Don’t let the issue of supply stop your work from finishing your DIY craft projects. Stocking up on choice metal pieces is always a good idea.


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