Engraving Brass: More than Just a Signature but a Classic Work of Art

In the corporate world, an engraved brass that bears your name is a fitting symbol of elevated status or position in any given company. Engraving brass, however, is an art that has been used for centuries by classical artists for decoration and for architectural purposes by enhancing the finishing or brass tubing and surfaces.

While the recent years classified engraving as a simple tool to create personal/company nameplates on brass, modern furniture designers and jewelry makers had seen the immense value of engraving more than just their name on their work.

Metal decoration through time

Art museums are heavy with examples of intricate metalwork and decoration through the ages. As brass is one of the oldest, prettiest, and strongest copper alloys existing on the planet, most of the displays feature a brass artifact that is exhibited with sophisticated engravings on their surface.

town hall

These priceless pieces of art are more than just ornamental in nature. Some of the more complex engravings are found on suits of armor and were a way of identifying allegiance to different kingdoms. Engraving on some religious artifacts denote a historically significant event for the Church.

Engraved commemorative brass pieces are also a great story tellers as it gives the modern audience a glimpse of the life and times of the era.

Engraving brass in modern times

Unsurprisingly, engraving is a profession that requires a highly developed skill, talent, and patience. This is one of the reasons why the art has been seemingly dying these past few years. Fortunately, rising visual artists, furniture designers, and even jewelry makers had seen the beauty and elegance of an engraved brass. Not only does it adds value on the finished product but it also makes it wholly personal to the client as it is extremely difficult to produce two very similar engravings on different items.

The act of engraving gives that customized feel – something that is highly appreciated and sought for by paying clients. Thus, the talent of engraving is something designers must harness if they want to fully satisfy their customers.

Of course, the quality of the brass is as important as the engraving itself. As there are literally too many brass grades to choose from, it takes a reputable store like Rotax Metals in NY to get you exactly what you need to boost your business.

As of today, brass engraving is an ancient art that is likely to stick for a couple more of centuries to come.


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