Get Quality Industrial Design Materials from Sheet Metal Suppliers

Industrial design has come a long way from when it started, and one of the materials that have helped it progress throughout its history are sheet metals. While this may seem like a common, everyday material, its versatility has made it exceptionally indispensable.

Get Quality Industrial Design Materials from Sheet Metal Suppliers

The Humble Sheet Metal

A sheet metal, as its name purports, is a metal constructed into thin sheets. Because of its flat shape, it is mainly used for various construction and manufacturing needs. It’s fascinating how much can be done with it considering how it’s simple form.

It can be made of various types of malleable metals, ranging from aluminum, copper, brass, or even titanium. Depending on what the sheet will be used for, it can be as thin as a roof sheet or as thick as a the one used to make up the body of a plane. The higher the number of the gauge, the thinner the sheet of the metal will be.

Residential Uses

Sheet metal suppliers like Rotax Metals are known to provide this material to construction builders, contractors, architects, and interior designers because of the common use in these industries. As mentioned above, for example, metal sheets — aluminum in particular — can easily be made into roofing. Apart from that, aluminum metal sheets can also be made into gutters, or even entire house walls.

In terms of indoor purposes, these sheets can be used for interior design needs like backsplashes in the kitchen, or as an added protective layering over countertops. Furniture or other fixtures may also be possible created with the help of square metal tubing and sheet metal-derived materials as well. For outdoor-related fixtures, metal sheets may also be used to construct garage doors or perimeter fencing.

Other Steely Projects

Meanwhile, more impressive endeavors include metal sheets used in aircrafts, cars, and other kinds of vehicles. It’s also been used to create tall buildings, large warehouses spanning vast areas of land, and even interesting modern art pieces. In fact, in the olden days, sheet metal was used to build body armor.

With all these accomplishments, the humble sheet metal suddenly does not seem so humble anymore. There’s a lot more that can be done with it–all it takes is a good quality supply for these contractors, designers, and architects to maximize the potential of the simple metal sheet.


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