High-Quality Brass Angle Products: Helping Shopfitters Gain an Edge

Being a shopfitter is no doubt a big responsibility. After all, the way you design and outfit a retail store determines whether its customers actually buy anything. Aside from being a time-consuming task, it is also a costly endeavor. Shopfitting also often requires building custom shelves and casing for your clients. In other words, you’ll often find yourself in a balancing act: providing excellent service while still eking out a profit for your firm.

Fortunately, there is a simple way to add a touch of class to your shopfitting projects without hurting your bottom line: high-quality brass angle products.

brass angle products

Slatwall Accessories

Perfect for hardware stores, slatwalls allow retailers to turn walls and other vertical spaces into product displays. As the name implies, a piece of brass angle fits snugly into a slat on the wall and a horizontal piece of metal just out of it, serving as a hook for products, such as pliers or scissors. The great things is that slatwall accessories can be added or removed from the wall depending on the client’s display needs.

Warehouse Storage

Warehouse racking are a staple of big box retail stores such as groceries and electronics stores. These storage solutions are a great way to maximize floor space as businesses can stack a multitude of products on each shelf of the rack. Of course, the linchpin that keeps the shelves bolted to the rack frame is none other than a humble brass angle.

Counter Displays

Whether you’re servicing a bakery or a jewelry store, counter displays are an excellent way to showcase products. Not only does the glass allow customers to view merchandise in all their glory, it also keeps them behind lock and key. Each shelf in the display is, once again, bolted onto the capable shoulders of a brass angle.

Why Choose Brass?

By now you might be wondering: “But why brass? There are surely other metal angles in the market, right?” While that is certainly true, brass offers key advantages that other metals simply don’t have.

To begin with, it offers excellent machinability, giving you the ability to fashion brass pieces into any shape you see fit. It also offers exceptional strength and tarnish resistance, a must for shop displays. And lastly, it comes in a sophisticated golden color that adds a bit of brightness and a touch of class in any retail space.

There are many suppliers of brass angles around, but make sure to order yours only from trusted companies like Rotax Metals. These companies can fabricate brass angles in custom sizes, and also supplies brass sheet metal if your shopfitting project requires them, too.


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