Highlighting the Properties, Advantages, and Uses of Brass Sheet Metal

Brass sheet metal can be found in nearly every aspect of the home. For builders, renovators, and designers, brass has become a viable option compared to pure copper or bronze, as it is just as resilient, but at a more affordable price.

Types of Brass Sheet Metal

Brass sheet metal suppliers categorize the different types of brass based on the alloy names, which are determined via international metal standards. For instance, Alloy C260 is cartridge brass and it has 70% copper and 30% zinc; while Alloy C464 or Naval brass, 60% copper with 40% zinc (and a trace amount of tin for corrosion resistance). Another type of brass sheet available is also called leaded brass or Alloy C353, and it is the presence of lead that lowers the melting point of the metal, making it easier to machine and engrave.


Functions of Brass in the Kitchen

Being a highly machinable metal, brass sheets are easy to bend to conform to the structures they will be attached to. For example, in the kitchen, brass sheets may be custom-cut to become countertops or tabletops, and even backsplashes. Like copper, brass has been widely studied and proven for its ability to prevent the growth of viruses and bacteria. Compared to stainless steel, which are often found in many kitchens, brass is a more highly recommended surface as it can make food preparation safer and microbe-free.

Other Uses of Brass

Aside from being sold in sheets, the alloy may also be sold as a tube, a rod, or a brass angle. Many builders select specific shapes of brass to fit their design projects. For instance, brass tubes are often cut, bent, and welded to be used in gates, grillwork, and for details of doors and windows. Brass rods are treated and pressed to become door knobs, drawer handles, and more. Brass angles may be used as trims for the edges of appliances and furniture.

Getting the Materials You Need

Whether you’re planning to spruce up your kitchen with brass, or are looking into the aesthetic potential of the metal, it helps to have a ready supply on hand. Look for a trusted metal supplier who offers copper, brass, or bronze in bulk, and who makes available any size and shape that you need. Discuss with them about your specific needs, and you will be sure to get high-quality materials to make your design projects come to life.

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