Home Remodeling for Artists: Where to Buy Copper Sheets

Copper sheets are becoming more and more common these days. They are one of the favorite materials of choice for architects and interior designers for both interior and exterior parts of buildings. But how can you use copper sheets in a residential setting such as for home remodeling? Here are a few ideas as well as information about where to buy copper sheets.

Copper Sheets Use in Home Remodeling

One of the biggest advantages of using copper sheets is that the material is extremely durable. Therefore, installing them in areas affected by wear and tear is exactly what people have been doing.

Where to Buy Copper Sheets for the Creative Minds in the Design World

In the kitchen, you can incorporate copper sheets to the countertop and also as a backsplash. These two areas are the center of activity of any kitchen and will undoubtedly need frequent cleaning as they are constantly covered in grease and food products. Copper sheets also offer a smooth working surface that is easy to be wiped down to minimize water marks. They can also provide an industrial kind of aesthetic to your home.

Another area that is frequently splashed by water is the bathroom and so, the use of copper sheets to cover the bathroom wall is also not uncommon. Bathrooms are rich in moisture. Combined with air, moisture can oxidize copper and cause it to change into a greenish color. Some homeowners love this coloring as it makes their copper sheets exude a lovely rustic charm. However, if you don’t fancy the color change you can always apply lacquer to the copper sheets to slow down the oxidization process. This method can also help you to maintain the shine of the sheets.

Many contractors and designers also love to choose copper sheets as a roofing material. Copper is the most durable type of metal roofing and it also complements any home style, whether traditional or modern. Moreover, this material can be installed on irregular roof shapes and requires low maintenance.

Know This Before Buying Copper Sheets

Copper sheets come in a variety of strength, hardness, temper, and density. Different projects may require different thicknesses and types of copper sheets. Typically, you can purchase copper sheets ranging from .016 inches to .125 inches. Generally, thinner sheets are better for interior projects such as decorative elements as they can easily be formed. Thicker sheets, while these can also be used indoors, are typically harnessed for outdoor uses. As an example, kitchen backsplash and countertops can get away with using thinner sheets while home designers and contractors can make better, more durable roofs using slightly thicker copper sheets.

Copper sheets can also be hammered or etched to produce a nice, customized finish. Each thickness also comes in various width and length but manipulation is not out of the question. Thinner copper sheets can be bent to a 90 degree angle, but the thick ones might not be able to be manipulated to this extreme degree. If you need to cut thick copper sheets, you will need a special tin snips.

Where You Can Buy Copper Sheets

If you are looking for a copper sheet supplier, make sure to order from a trustworthy agent who will provide materials that meet your size quality requirements. Aside from reasonable prices, such suppliers often offer advice on the type of sheets most appropriate for your needs and how to work them.

If you are remodeling your house and looking for a unique design, copper sheets may just be the solution. Contact an experienced copper sheet supplier such as Rotax Metals to find out which of their products suits your remodeling plan best. Get that shiny elegant look you desire by using copper sheets.


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