How a Trusted Copper Sheet Supplier can Help Improve Kitchen Designs

If you’re tasked with a kitchen remodelling project that calls for quiet sophistication and elegance, but also with functionality, there’s one easy way to do this: use copper sheets. The reason why many interior designers turn to this as a viable solution for their design needs is that it meets the brief rather well. It’s shiny and glossy, it can elevate the aesthetic appeal of the room with minimal effort, and most of all, it is both easily accessible and affordable.

How a Trusted Copper Sheet Supplier can Help Complete Your Project

Copper Sheets as Countertops

One of the more common uses of copper sheets in the kitchen is on the countertops. It’s ideal because it is strong enough to withstand all the hard activities to be done on it, as long as you get the right gauge. For your information, the lower the number of the gauge, the thicker the sheet is, which means the stronger it gets, too.

Of course, it’s a given that copper sheets used as countertops should be properly sealed to prevent it from getting stains and tarnish. Properly sealed, these countertops are going to look shiny for much longer. Another good thing about copper is that, in general, it is very low maintenance and so should be easy to clean. Copper also has an antimicrobial property, which makes it perfect for countertops. This makes among the safest types of surface to prepare food on.

Copper Sheets as Backsplash

Another common use for copper sheet is the backsplash. This makes for an interesting design element in the kitchen, particularly because its reflective surface can also mimic the mirror, giving the optical illusion of having a much larger room than it actually is.

Copper sheets can also be etched. You can create various textures on its surface to give it a much more interesting look and feel even from afar. You can use a panel only on select areas in the kitchen, or you can use it all the way from ceiling to counter. It can also be applied on other surfaces, such as the back of the island counter, for example, or as trimmings for the kitchen cabinets.

Copper Sheet as Decorative Piece

If you have more wall space in the kitchen, you can continue the copper theme all throughout by also using sheets as decorative pieces on the wall. It can be soldered, etched, or drawn and painted on, anyway, which makes it an easy element to work with. You can even cut them into different shapes and put them up as individual patterns for a more interesting visual.

You can do all of this and more for your kitchen remodel project, leaving your client satisfied with a job well done. In order for you to pull this off, though, you should first find a trusted and reputable copper sheet supplier, such as Rotax Metals. Be confident knowing that you are working with good quality materials.


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