The Importance of Copper and Brass Sales to the Efficiency of Your Interior Design Project

No matter the season, there is no denying the appeal of metals in interior design. Brass and copper in particular are two of the most favored materials to work with for the designers because of their strength, durability, and versatility.

It is important for designers to have the materials readily accessible so the work can continue smoothly. This is why copper and brass sales always present such a great opportunity for industry practitioners to stock up on materials. Not only do they make their own jobs easier, it also helps give their client a variety of options too. Here are some of the best applications for brass and copper.

How Copper and Brass Sales Help Improve Your Interior Design Project

Lighting Fixtures

Brass and copper can add a subtle but undeniable touch of elegance and sophistication when incorporated in lighting fixtures. You don’t even need to buy a brand new one, too. For example, you can repurpose an old lamp structure and upgrade it by wrapping copper sheet metal to its exterior.

For a more steampunk feel and vibe, you can use brass tubings as hanging decorations for a bespoke chandelier. If you’d like to keep it simple, you can incorporate the brass or metal to the lampstand itself. With these details,even the plainest room can suddenly look shiny and bright.

Kitchen Design

For those who would like to have an ultramodern look and feel to their kitchen, brass and copper are always a safe bet. Brass metal sheets, for example, are most commonly used as backsplashes for the kitchen. Its reflective surface can help make the room look a bit bigger than it actually is, while its gold-like color make the kitchen look luxurious.

Apart from backsplashes, these metals can also be used to cover the cupboard and cabinet surfaces. For a more discreet look, on the other hand, you can instead limit its use to trimmings for the cabinetry. This way, it can still contribute to the upgrading of the aesthetic appeal although it may not be as visible as if you were cover the entire surface.

Bathroom Fixtures

For bathrooms, brass is among the usual materials relied upon to give that pop in the room’s aesthetic design. Even though it can develop tarnishing over time, there are some who specifically go for this look because it adds another layer to the fixture’s visual texture. As long as it does not impede the water quality, then it should be a good design choice.

The bottom line is that whatever your design objectives may be, it’s better for you to have quick access to the materials you need, and when you need it. These wonderful design ideas are waiting to be put to good use. Stock up on quality materials by buying from reliable suppliers such as Rotax Metals.


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