Interior Design Increases Brass Demand from Sheet Metal Suppliers

When you hear the word “metal,” serenity, warmth, and sensuality may not be the first things that come to mind. Instead, strength and durability are most often associated with that term. Yet brass has successfully blended all of those qualities and more, making it one of the most coveted metals from sheet metal suppliers when it comes to residential interior design.

Interior Design Increases Brass Demand

Your home is your sanctuary, and the warm, golden tones of brass can contribute a lot to that ambiance. That’s why for several years now, interior design experts have hailed brass as the metal of choice when it comes to styling living spaces.

A Visual Feast

Brass can be used in so many ways to elevate a home’s interior character. For example, strategic touches like exposed bass tub fillers can transform a generic bathroom into a calming, romantic oasis. In addition, brass also works perfectly with vintage furniture; for instance, take a brass lamp and perch it on top of your antique side table for a cool splash of retro. Fashion brass square metal tubing into one-of-a-kind clocks or turn it into distinctive foot rails.

Moreover, even larger pieces like shelving units can be refinished with brass to restore luster and make it a focal point of any room. For those who want to go all out, brass sheets can be used to clad your home‘s walls. The dramatic, yellow tones of brass will develop a luxurious patina over time, giving you a partition that will age in style.

Excellent Properties

When it comes to residential interior design, looks are not the only things that matter. Design elements must be beautiful but also practical. The durability of brass is in demand by many heavy-duty industries, from naval and architectural to automotive. Brass is also extremely corrosion-resistant. It doesn’t rust, and it can tolerate extreme heat.

In terms of machinability, this alloy sets the standard by which other metals are measured. In addition, it has antibacterial qualities that will contribute to a cleaner home. Brass has the potential to last for lifetimes, making them a smart investment for many homeowners. With all of these, it’s no wonder that brass has become a beloved material for design experts and decorators across the country.


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