Leading Brass Tube Supplier: There’s More to Brass than Meets the Eye

Brass is one of today’s most common industrial materials. The humble brass tube, for instance, is often used for hot water plumbing due to the brass’s natural resistance to rusting. You’ll also find this alloy in a variety of places, from the tubes in your car to the railings on your staircase.

Leading Brass Tube Supplier: There’s More to Brass than Meets the Eye

Leading manufacturers of square brass tubing like Rotax Metals say that there’s more to brass than meets the eye. Nowadays, the alloy has become a favorite among interior designers across the globe, thanks to its hardy nature and posh, gold-like appearance. Below are just some of the ways that design gurus are utilizing it to beautify homes:

Lighting Fixtures

A stylish chandelier doesn’t have to cost a fortune, especially if it’s made of brass. Designers often use a brass chandelier to make dining or living rooms look extra opulent, while serving as a centerpiece that ties together the overall look of the room. For smaller spaces, they may opt to utilize brass table lamps and wall sconces instead, which are stylish but space-saving fixtures.

Brass Knobs

It doesn’t require a major change to make a room more interesting. As interior designers know, even little touches can give a space that extra character it’s been lacking. Take for instance brass knobs. Replacing door knobs with the gold-like alloy may be a small modification, but one that will certainly draw the eye. Of course, they needn’t stop with replacing door knobs, as kitchen drawers and cabinets can also be updated to sport brass handles.


Brass furniture has also become increasingly popular in recent years. Nowadays, many interior design experts adorn their client’s homes with ottomans, coffee tables, and even shelves made of or adorned with brass. Far from being just stylish, these pieces are also functional and can stand the test of time–the way the best furniture is supposed to.


Of course, no home should go without artwork. Fortunately, brass can be molded into even the most complex shapes, so whether a client prefers avantgarde pieces or photorealistic sculptures, there’s bound to be an artwork that will pique their interest.

It’s nice to know that rich golden color of brass is finally back in style again. And as more interior designers include brass pieces into their projects, there’s little doubt that this alloy will find further popularity in the years to come. That’s why companies like Rotax Metals work hard to provide interior designers and furniture makers the best brass products to help them bring their visions to life.


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