Muntz Metal Adds Unique Colors to Applications Suitable For Brass

The red-brown brass known as Muntz Metal is a copper alloy of sixty percent copper and forty percent zinc with trace amounts of iron. It’s named after British manufacturer Edward Muntz, the developer of this combination. Muntz brass is extremely strong and must be worked hot. It’s very effective for castings, extrusions, and hot forming.


Welding, soldering, and brazing are the most commonly used methods of metal joining. It is critically important that users be aware of the risks of the fumes released when welding anything containing zinc. Proper precautions must be taken to assure all necessary access to fresh air for the safety of all involved.

When soldering copper alloys, be aware that the solder filling material will not match the copper in the alloy, so soldering should not be used on visible joints or seams. Brazing is the preferred joining method for copper alloys. In visible applications, blind or concealed joints are recommended to maintain the beauty of the copper material.

As copper can be cosmetically altered by several processes depending on customer need, your brass sales expert can help you determine the best finishing treatment for your brass selection. The brass you select can be buffed, resulting in a mirror finish. Wheel or belt polishing can be used to create directional texture, and there is great variety in the ultimate outcome.

Finishes include a hand rubbed look, a brushed finish, or a uniform polish. Other texture options include a sand or metal spray to achieve a textured roughness. These textures are often clear coated to protect this finish. Finally, copper alloy sheet can also be pressed to produce a pattern.

Muntz brass is more rigid than many other copper alloys. Thus, it lends itself well to projects that require structural tolerances including doors and door frames, heavy plate applications and hardware for hanging these heavier pieces. In addition, Muntz brass can be used in several industrial applications including heat exchanger tubes and condensing equipment. The addition of trace amounts of iron in Muntz brass leads to a slight reduction in corrosion resistance. However, Muntz brass is strong enough to form into springs.


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