Properties of Square Brass Tubing That Makes it the Ideal Material


Brass tubes have become one of the most popular materials for building a variety of devices and components such as heat exchangers. The properties of a high-grade brass tube are what makes it so ideal for many applications. Read on to find out about the benefits of using brass for your next project.

Resistant to Water

Perhaps one of the most beneficial aspects of quality brass tubing is its high resistance to water. Unlike tubing made out of stainless steel and other types of metal, brass is not as susceptible to damage from water. Brass tubing won’t corrode as easily when they’re subjected to contact with water. Instead, the water simply washes away from the tubing, and this lack of corrosion results in a much longer lifespan and less need for maintenance.

Better Heat Conduction

Additionally, brass tubing tends to have a better heat conduction rate than stainless steel and some other types of tubing. Because of its higher heat conduction properties, brass tubing can conduct much more heat in a smaller size. This alone sometimes makes brass tubing a more favorable option for those builders who are looking for maximum performance with minimum space-taking design.

More Tractability

Because brass tubing has a higher level of tractability than some other types of metals, it is usually much easier to process than most types of metals. Using less tractable metals make it more difficult to achieve the design that you’re looking for and they also end up costing you hassle and difficulty in the long run as well. This is why many prefer to work with brass pieces from trusted suppliers like Rotax Metals whether it’s for decorative purposes or practical applications.

Uncolored Water

To top it all off, brass tubing doesn’t tend to change water color as much as some other types of tubing do. For instance, stainless steel tubing may be vulnerable to rust and corrosion. When water passes through the pipe, it could end up taking on a slightly reddish color. That is something you might not have had to deal with if you’d used brass tubing. Not only will rust-free water be better for your health but it can also help you save up on maintenance costs in the long run.


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