Scrap Metal Basics: How and Why You Should Recycle Brass Sheet Metal

In a world where eco-friendly solutions are fast becoming the norm, reusing and recycling are among the ways to cut down on waste. While many concentrate on collecting plastic bottles, cartons, and newspapers, there is one item that is prized above the rest: metals.

Metal recycling is a lucrative business. Such items like an old brass sheet metal, copper pipes, and aluminum tubes have a higher value that other materials because of their uses in various major applications. Here’s a step-by-step guide to recycling metal:

Different Types Scrap Metals Sorted into Piles for Efficient Recycling

Step #1: Collection – Unlike other types of waste, used metals are found in scrap yards instead of the landfill. Homes that have gone through recent renovations may have scrap brass, copper, bronze, etc., laying around perfect for recycling.

Step #2: Sorting – The next step is to sort the different metals apart. It is important to note that not all metals are the same. This isn’t easy for the untrained eye because some metals may look similar. The processing plant however will re-sort the metals if necessary.

3: Shredding – To make the process easier, the metals are shredded into smaller pieces. This is done to make the next step more efficient.

4: Melting – The shredded metals are placed in a furnace. The smaller pieces have a wider surface area which requires less energy, making the melting process a little friendlier to the environment.

5: Purification – Electrolysis is the most common metal purifying method. This step ensures the final product is free of any contaminants and is still of high quality.

6: Solidification – The metals are cooled off in conveyer belt and are shaped according to the needs of the customer.

Why Recycle Brass Sheets and Other Metals?

Simple, metals can go through the recycling process again and again, yet will still retain its quality and not have any degradation. Almost every kind of metal can be recycled, but only about 30% goes through the process. Most instead end up in landfills, scrap yards, and even the ocean. Any brass, copper, bronze, aluminum, steel, and any other metal that is recycled by you is helping to cut down waste.

Reduce your carbon foot print; reuse some metal sheets you find at home if you can, if not, bring them in for recycling. Looking for another reason to collect and recycle old scrap metals? The great thing about bringing scrap metal for recycling is the bit of money you can earn; it’s a win for you and the environment!


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