Sheet Metal Suppliers: What Products They Offer and How to Utilize Them

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There are two classifications of metal—ferrous (contains iron) and non-ferrous (does not contain iron). Besides having different levels of corrosion resistance—ferrous metals being more susceptible to rusting due to the presence of iron—these two types of metal have many other disparities. One in particular is that non-ferrous metals are more malleable than ferrous metals. This makes them easily worked to suit various applications.

What is malleability?

Malleability is the ability of metals to be hammered, pressed, or rolled into thin sheets without breaking. If you look at the molecular structure of a non-ferrous metal through an electron microscope, you’ll see that it consists of lattices densely stacked on top of each other but are free to slide against each other and easily fill up gaps when placed under stress. Most non-ferrous metals are malleable, yet this property can be adjusted by alloying different metals.

Some of the most popular malleable non-ferrous metals include gold, silver, and copper. For millennia, these metals have been formed into plates and sheets that prove handy for so many applications. Here are some of the applications of metal sheets.

Shield and Armor

In the past, malleable metals like bronze and brass are formed into plates to make body armor and weapon for men in cavalry. Although they prove effective in shielding against sword and arrow, metal shields later became obsolete when guns were invented. With a firepower going as high as 2000 ft/s, a typical bronze breastplate won’t stand a chance. It wouldn’t be practical to increase the plate’s thickness either because it means increasing its weight at the same time.

Vehicle Covering

Different types of metal alloy are used for making the different parts of a vehicle, be it a car, a ship, or a plane. Most parts, including the chassis and the exterior, are made from a special type of stainless steel. For years, steel has been an affordable alternative to high-grade non-ferrous metals. It’s also very tough and durable, which allows it to double as a shield for the driver and passengers of the vehicle. Aluminum, on the other hand, is slowly making its way to the structure of most cars, as it is lightweight and highly durable as well.

Ships and planes require a different type of metal alloy with better malleability and other properties because they will be exposed to higher levels of pressure and more corrosive environments. Ships, for instance, need to be covered with sheets made from special types of brass or bronze to be able to withstand saltwater corrosion. Planes, on the other hand, are made of aluminum for the same reason modern cars are.


More and more homeowners are looking for longevity in their roofing system. Many have already shifted from traditional asphalt shingles to metal panels. This modern roofing type is not just easy to install but also very durable. With proper care and regular coating, a metal roof can last up to 50 years. And because it can easily be recoated, you can decide a color that complements your home’s architecture.

Home Fixtures

Do you have a granite countertop and backsplash or an antique table at the center of your kitchen or living room? You must have spent huge sums of money procuring them. It would be a total waste to let them get dents and scratches after a few times of use. You can preserve their beauty by covering them with brass or bronze plate. These metals are known not only for their natural elegance, which can easily pair with the beauty of your home interior, but also for their anti-bacterial property.

If you are working on a project that requires the use of sheet metal, there are several things you need to consider, including the type of metal and its thickness. To make sure you will pick the most suitable material, turn to trusted sheet metal suppliers like Rotax Metals.


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