Supplies Needed and Other Helpful Tips for Engraving Brass Materials

Jewellery-making and metal engraving are ripe opportunities for both creative expression and business. Hone your skill well and market your brand right, and you could have a huge hit in your hands.

One of the metals that jewellery designers and craftsmen prefer working with is copper. Thanks to its durability, malleability, and versatility, it can easily be transformed into various shapes and sizes that can then be customized into bespoke artisanal craft. For beginners, here are some helpful tips that could aid you in making your first foray into the art of engraving brass a breeze.

Simple, Practical and Helpful Tips on Engraving Brass for Beginner

Invest in Quality Tools and Materials

First things first; you’ll need the tools to work on your project. One of, if not the most important items you should immediately get is a chisel. There are electric ones that can give you better and faster engraving coverage, and with better stability, too. Some prefer to do it old school with a good ol’ hammer and chisel, but unless you are absolutely confident about your control and handling of the tools, it’s probably best to use the automatic versions instead.

Because you’re working with metal, you’d want to be very careful in handling the material. You can file and dust off the area should you scratch on a mistake, but this, of course, could affect the overall effect of the final product.

Practice Safe Engraving

This should actually be a given for every time you handle tools for arts and crafts. As you engrave brass, there will be particles flying off from the surface. Use working goggles to protect you from any flying debris and dust particles. Gloves should help, too, but it could be wieldy and uncomfortable especially if you are working on smaller items like jewellery. Latex gloves can help you have a better grip on the tools though, which should minimize instances of injuries and accidents as well.

Practice Makes Perfect

Don’t expect to get it right—much more perfect—in one go. There will be a learning curve to it, but rest assured that as long as you put in the work, you’ll have the skills down pat soon enough. Be patient too, especially because you may need to use a good amount of brass materials before you are able to accomplish what you want exactly.

This is also why it’s important for you to work with trusted and reputable suppliers, such as Rotax Metals. That way, you don’t have to worry about where to get your supplies and just focus on perfecting your brass engraving craft.


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