The Top Five Reasons to Choose Rotax Metals as Your Metal Supplier

The Top Five Reasons to Choose Rotax Metals as Your Metal Supplier

Here at Rotax Metals, we won’t just tell you to choose us over our competitors. Instead, we’ll present to you our unique capabilities to help you make an informed purchase.

Our Extensive Inventory

Our founder, Mr. Ronald Rosenthal, started Rotax Metals on these principles: “Stock what the customers want, in the hard-to-find sizes no one else carries.” Sometimes, a project requires metal of unusual sizes. Our specialization in copper, bronze, and brass allows us to maintain an extensive inventory. It’s not just various sizes, too; we also have a wide array of shapes. Look at our Product Catalog and you’ll see what we mean. No matter what your project is, you’ll likely find what you need in our selection.

Knowledgeable Associates

Each project will have specific requirements and the choice of material can determine its success or failure. That’s why we will work closely with you to address your metal needs. Our specialists deploy their experience from working with different industries to recommend the best material for your specific project.

That said, we recognize that our body of knowledge still has its limitations. That’s why we have formed a network of resources. If you have any question that we can’t answer, we will tap into this network for you to get the information you need.

Direct from the Mill

Since our inception in 1947 and with the leadership of our founder, we have strived to become a reliable distributor for people who need quality metal. We also don’t want the process to be complicated, which is why we don’t make use of middlemen. Once the material leaves the mill, the first stop is our warehouse.

Fast Shipping

We understand that our customers will need their materials as early as possible – the earlier they get it, the better. Thus, all of our in-stock items are shipped within 24 hours, with many of them delivered within the same day. We can also arrange for expedited delivery be it on a local, national, or international basis.

Customer Experience 

We always put our customers’ experience on the highest priority. In all stages of the transaction, from the initial quote to the delivery, we put the extra effort to make sure you won’t have a smooth transaction.

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