The Year of Brass: Incorporating Brass Tube in Your Interior Design

The use of brass in interior design is not exactly a new concept. In fact, a number of homes have incorporated brass to introduce a touch of elegance into any interior setup. What makes this material a classic in its own right is the fact that it’s not only aesthetically pleasing, but it’s also highly functional.

A simple brass tube, for example, can instantly upgrade a bathroom when used as a towel holder or even just a simple shower curtain rod in the bathroom. Indeed, its impactful simplicity makes brass such a great material to work with. Here are some more ideas for maximizing its use in your interior design this year.

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In Combination

On its own, brass is a durable, tried and tested material. What about if it’s used with other types of materials, such as marble? According to industry experts, that’s exactly what’s going to be popular this year.

What makes it work is the stark contrast between the two elements: marble, for instance, has a clean and naturally sturdy look. Brass, on the other hand, is something bold and eye-catching. Whether you use this as a centerpiece or as an accentuating element in your design, this combination will give that much needed eye-catching component.

For example, a marble staircase can do with a brass bannister and handrail. Sometimes, it would be the foyer that features a marble floor. In this case, a plain hat stand or coat rack made of brass, or even just a brass door knob, can already make a big impact.

Fixtures Setup

Another way to accentuate a room with the discreet use of brass elements is to incorporate them in fixtures, or perhaps even furniture. Square brass tubing, for example, can be used as a decorative element in lighting fixtures for a more steampunk or modern feel.

Overall Theme

If your client would like to have something cost-efficient but sparkly and shiny as a theme, then no look further than brass. From living room to kitchen, bathroom and even the outdoor patio, you can use brass to add a touch of class.

If you’re anticipating a project that will require a good amount of brass, find a reliable metal supplier for the materials you’ll need.


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