Three Industries That Simply Cannot Do Without Using Brass Sheet Metal

Aside from its attractive appearance, brass is a well-loved material thanks to its high utility value. It is one of the most versatile metals used in the construction and manufacturing industries. It also has a higher resistance to most forms of corrosion, doesn’t require too much maintenance and is very durable. Ultimately, brass is like a super metal. Here are three key businesses that rely on brass sheet metal for their industrial needs.

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Automobile manufacturers have used their fair share of brass and its alloys in their products. Car and truck radiators usually made with aluminum are now being challenged by copper-brass alloys. These new radiators are about forty percent lighter than their aluminum counterparts and are correspondingly cheaper. Once these brass radiators make their official debut, studies suggest that they could last for about ten years, which is good news for current and prospective car owners.


Those in the business of manufacturing musical instruments will tell you that they rely on a steady supply of brass sheets in order to make the likes of trumpets, horns and tubas. This is because they can easily be molded into the desired shape and possess good acoustic properties.


Lastly, manufacturers of small non-ferromagnetic and non-sparking components like hinges and signage parts rely on brass metals, though a more specific type known as brass extrusions. These items are suited to short-run production of hollow and solid brass, allowing a higher flexibility in the selection of the alloy, range and batch quantities of the product. Using high quality continuous cast billets in conjunction with an indirect extrusion process can ensure a fine consistent grain structure and outstanding metallurgical properties.

If you are in the business of brass hardware regardless of which sector you operate in, it is important to have a trusted supplier who consistently meets your industrial demands. Brass sheets vary in dimensions and thickness, and depending on how they were processed they can be either soft or hard.

A reputable metal supplies company like Rotax Metals machines their brass products to fulfill a wide range of these applications. Trust them with your brass needs for the best results.


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