Three Reasons for Choosing Bronze Tubes over PVC Pipes for Water Pipes

Everybody knows building a sturdy home is not cheap. The amount of money a homeowner must spend on such a project is always a factor any responsible contractor should look at. This is why most contractors have become more resourceful in finding quality building materials at reasonable prices. One of the materials they are particularly keen about is water pipes.

Since installation of water pipes can cost a fortune, most choose the cheaper PVC pipes instead of the more durable bronze tubes to reduce overall building costs. While the initial cost savings of PVC plastic is tempting, contractors and homeowners alike should take into account the benefits of using bronze bars and tubes in making a well-made home.

choosing bronze tubes

There are a LOT of hidden cost savings in using bronze tubes over PVC.

Consider the following facts: (a) bronze, being metal, is obviously stronger than PVC; and (b) accidents happen, either while installing the pipes or years after they were installed, that can lead to cracking or breaking of the pipe.

While it is true that PVC is more durable than other plastic materials, contractors still need to handle it carefully as it is prone to break easily if mishandled, or accidentally dropped or stepped on while the installation is ongoing.

Also, disasters such as earthquake or fire can make PVC pipes very brittle. This can lead to pipe leaks, which can potentially weaken and destroy the other structures in the house.

Installation of bronze pipes will need fewer parts than with PVC pipes.

Aside from durability, metals have the advantage of being more flexible than plastics. This fact is especially important when installing water pipes as a complete system needs a number of joints to connect all the parts. Because PVC pipes are rigid, most contractors feel the need to use more parts and joints in order to sidestep possible obstructions in the room.

On the contrary, fabrication of bronze tubes can be customized in order to overcome this hurdle and minimize the need of using more joints. Companies such as Rotax Metals in New York is more than happy to help make the exact bronze tube part needed to get the installation done.

Bronze tubes can increase the market value of any home.

It pays for homeowners to look far ahead – a house is a very good investment that can potentially be a gold mine for the owner, provided that they make it attractive enough for the future buyer. Aside from the fact that bronze tubes look way better than PVC pipes, the durability of bronze tubes is already undeniable so the future owner has no need to fret on possible problems with the plumbing.

In effect, using bronze tubes not only saves the homeowner of any additional expenses in the long run, it also saves valuable installation time for contractors.

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