Use Naval Brass, Inside and Out, to Build Stunning, Durable Sea Craft

For some people, the ocean isn’t just a body of water—it’s a venue for adventure. That’s why even in the age of motor vehicles, a huge number of Americans still invest in water craft.

According to data from, almost 12 million recreational vessels were registered as of 2015, and the boating industry netted over $3.7 billion dollars in revenue last year alone. Furthermore, overall sales of sea vessels grew by 6.8% in 2015—proof of boating’s enduring popularity.

Indeed, with boats being in high demand, it’s a manufacturer’s market right now. However, there are many competing boat builders around, so if you want a piece of the lucrative recreational boating market, you need to set yourself apart.

durable sea craft

In the business of brass sales to boat manufacturers, Rotax Metals claims that one way to stand out is by offering excellent craftsmanship in both a vessel’s exterior and interior. It maintains that in this regard, the proper material is a non-negotiable.

The Wonders of Naval Brass

For a vessel to withstand the rigors of sailing, its exterior must be made with a durable material. For centuries, boat and ship builders have utilized naval brass to craft vessels that are worthy of the sea.

This variant of brass is composed of 60% copper, 39% zinc, and 1% tin. The combination of these three metals give naval brass high resistance to the corrosion caused by saltwater. Hulls created from this metal tend to endure longer than others. Naval brass is also very convenient for boat builders because it can be easily cut into desired shapes, making it ideal for mass production of boating vessels.

The Glamor of Marine Hardware

The utility of brass, however, doesn’t end with a boat’s exterior. These days, many boat makers also utilize brass in creating hardware such as latches, bolts, winches, and door handles, just to name a few. Far from being merely functional, these small details—when made with brass—can also provide style and glamor to a boat. Thanks to brass’s beautiful golden hue, such hardware offers a touch of elegance to any boat.

Thousands of years since the first boat set sail, boat-making remains a popular and profitable industry. If you’re looking to use brass in your boats, make sure to transact only with trusted suppliers. By doing so, you are guaranteed to get the best value for the money, and you can enjoy a wide selection of custom-sized brass products.


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