Using Brass Square Tube and Other Metals to Improve Bathroom Design

The good thing about home improvements is that there really is no stopping the owner when they want it done. If they want a bathroom renovation in the dead of winter, they could probably do that too, should they be so inclined. After all, when it comes to refreshing or upgrading the look of a home, there’s no such thing as “not the right time.”

Upgrading Bathroom Designs Using Brass Square Tube and Other Metals

The bathroom happens to be one of the more important sections of the home that can use some upgrading now and then. Apart from the bedroom, this private sanctuary is where people spend a good deal of their time in. Because of the fixtures and other elements in it, however, it can get pretty costly to upgrade.

Designers or contractors looking to add some pop or zing to the aesthetics of a bathroom need not worry, though, because there are available metal materials that can easily get the job done, even without breaking the client’s bank.

Shiny Metals

Bronze mirror frames give a nice and elegant touch up against the tiled walls. The shine of the material will definitely stand out especially with good lighting. Even if you leave everything else bare, therefore, you can rest assured that you’ll still have a worthy centrepiece in your bathroom wall.

Brass square tube—or any other type of brass elements for that matter—are perfect for fixtures and hardware. It gives that gentle, but unmistakable brass finish in the bathroom, and at the same time keeps everything looking crisp and clean. Don’t worry if you’ll have to use this particular metal for fixtures likely to get wet because it is highly resistant to corrosion, a very impressive feature in any metal.

So whether you use it as a knob for the door or bathroom cabinets, or as handrails in the shower, or faucet ware, you can rely on brass to give you that pop of shine and gloss to brighten up your bathroom.

Decorative Pieces

Aside from incorporating the material in the very fixtures in the bathroom, you can also simply get decorative brass items like lamps and sculptures. Even if it’s just one plain item tucked in a corner, it’s still going to be eye-catching enough to immediately upgrade the feel of the room.

Some like to keep it minimalist and so are content with little brass pieces like picture frames or curtain rods. Regardless if you go for a pristine white tile set-up, or a more whimsical mosaic tile arrangement, the brass should still be able to complement the overall look.


Understandably, there is a lot of concern for using metals like brass in the bathroom because of water and moisture exposure. However, there really shouldn’t be much reason to be concerned about because this material is fairly easy to maintain.

Even if you use brass for fixtures like faucets, which are constantly exposed to water, you can rest assured that it will be able to stay looking good over a long period of time. Granted, of course, that you there is effort of cleaning it regularly too.

If you want it super shiny, wipe it with a damp cloth to remove any smudges or stains. Avoid cleaners as much as possible, because they do tend to be rather abrasive to the material and could end up scuffing it instead of maintaining it. Warm, soapy water should suffice. Once it dries, wipe it down with a dry, soft cloth gently to avoid scratching the material. It’s important to do this immediately so that water spots don’t form and dull the shine.

There are cleaning materials that can also help clean brass. Just make sure to read the ingredients and that they’re not going to end up damaging the metal.

Consider brass next time you think about embarking on a bathroom upgrade project. Suppliers like Rotax Metals can help you find the right material.

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