Using Bronze Sheets and Other Metals for Interior Design Upgrades

No matter the season, it’s always exciting to upgrade a home interior. Some homeowners do this because they want a breath of fresh air or perhaps a new design perspective. Others just need to adjust to the changes in the size and dynamics of the occupants of the house.
Whatever the reason may be, what’s consistent is the concern for the expense that will inevitably come along with the improvements. Then again, these may be considered as necessary, but more importantly worth it, especially once the project is completed and the final product is revealed. Fortunately, there are ways to meet your client’s requirements without having to burn holes in their pockets. There are plenty of cost-efficient materials around, such as bronze and other metals, that can already make a huge impact even with very little effort. Here are some ways you can pull it off.

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Lights and Fixtures

The simplest way to incorporate bronze elements in your design is to use items such as lights and fixtures that are made of this material. The effect is going to be subtle but unmistakable, especially if you use it as a consistent theme throughout the space. Each bronze metal piece will then be tied up into a cohesive whole, laying out a distinctly rustic appeal to the interior.

Accents and Decors

Another surefire way to use metals is to have them installed as accents and decors. Bronze linings and trims for furniture like a classy wooden table, or even just a coat rack, can already elevate the ambiance of the room. Doorknobs and handles, mirror frames, and other little details adorned in bronze can add that sparkle to your design.

Kitchen Backsplash

If you want a minimalist but impactful design element in the kitchen, try using bronze sheets. They’re not only simple to use but also very cost-efficient. They’re also versatile because you can engrave, etch, or even draw and paint over the sheet to further add character and impact to it. You can also just keep it as is, plain and shiny, its reflective surface giving the illusion of a much larger space than there actually is. It’s a great way to express elegance without overly stating it, and, not to mention, easy to apply. You can use entire sheets to cover up spaces on the wall, or you can cut them into smaller strips so you can run the strip along down the entire width of the workspace.

Sinks and Other Fixtures

A bronze element in the kitchen or bathroom sink can easily give off a rustic but elegant vibe. It’s also a huge plus that maintaining it is relatively simple, as long as it is done in a timely manner. In any case, even if it does develop patina, it’s one of those materials that only become more textured and appealing in its aesthetic. In fact, there are those who do prefer this kind of effect as it gives off a more guileless energy.

To give a consistent look and feel, other fixtures in the room can also be given a touch of bronze, such as the shower casement, the handrail, tower racks, and more.

The best part about bronze is that it works well with other materials. Bronze and wood, for example, are a popular combination because of the way their colors complement each other. Wooden tables with bronze-trimmed edges and legs, for example, are a great way to put them together.

Whatever your design aesthetic and decision may be, keep in mind that what’s most crucial is for you to be able to find a reliable source that can give you top quality metal supplies. Companies such as Rotax Metals not only have items like bronze sheets and other metals, but also offer wholesale inventories for easier transactions.


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