Why choose Rotax?

For over 60 years, those of us at Rotax have not failed to meet any project’s unique needs or inventory requirements. Our materials are carefully selected from the finest sources worldwide. Manufacturers, artisans and fabricators alike know that we will serve them with the superior quality and professional service they have become accustomed to from our years of experience.

Because we carry such a large inventory of materials, we reduce hold costs for bigger suppliers, can keep competitive pricing, and can turn around your product faster. Even if you need a rare material, we can find it, and our sheer variety of sizes pushes us to the top of our industry. When someone does business with us, we manage the process from start to finish, so you’re not just clicking “Add to Cart” without any help, but getting assistance from an actual person who is knowledgeable about the materials. Rotax also uses sustainable practices that benefit the community and reduce waste, because we are in this for the long run. For a brand that is trusted, with a huge selection of products, choose Rotax.