Why Furniture Manufacturers Are Using Brass Channel for Lamps and Lighting Fixtures

Lighting fixtures with brass elements are coming back strong, thanks to customers who love either a touch of brass or all-brass appliances. Most love its golden color, while others are surprised to learn of its other interesting hues! Furniture makers agree with their clients that brass is one of the best materials for making lighting products for many other reasons.

Wide Array of Colors

You’d think brass only comes in yellow and that’s it, but you’re wrong. Brass can be red, brown, and even silver! If you want a red patina on your brass, try adding copper acetate and copper sulfate or potassium ferrocyanide. For brownish brass, add 1% manganese. To get a silver color, add nickel silver. Many prefer the yellow or gold sheen which is the common color of brass that can make their lighting fixtures look refined.

Reasons Explaining the Demand for Brass Channel in Lighting Appliances

On the contrary, if you like your brass to look aged with green patina, remove any varnish first using acetone and then soak it in a solution of vinegar and salt. If the brass item is too long, you can soak it in large towels doused in vinegar and salt for an hour. Afterwards, you can bake it in an oven at 450 degrees for 20 minutes. If the brass isn’t green enough, soak it in vinegar again until you’re satisfied with its verdigris tint.


Brass is highly malleable. You can make different brass designs since you can stamp on it. You can even make your own wooden printing stamp for customized lamps. Etching is another great way of designing lighting fixtures. You can follow the design of the house or the identity of the owner for your etching ideas. For a Greek style living room, you could light up decorations and settings etched on a brass channel. Likewise, a house of a seaman, for instance, may be designed with majestic marine creatures or ship etchings.


Brass is best for lighting because it can withstand heat and last for a long time. Brass channel is resistant to spark as well. They are perfect for lighting fixtures in retail stores as well as restaurants as they reduce fire hazards. Many homeowners like brass channel for lighting in their interior design and outer grounds as well since brass is resistant to wear and corrosion. Houses with brass channels can have high property value due to their durability and classic look.

For safe, beautiful, customized lighting fixtures, choose brass! Furniture makers and lighting designers consider brass as one of the best alloys for lighting appliances. Purchase brass channel only from reputable companies with a wide range of available sizes. With a reliable supply of brass, you can produce different lighting fixture designs for any type of customer.


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