Why Plumbers Need a Supplier for Brass Square Tube and Other Materials

Being in the plumbing business is not just about having the skills to unclog drainage pipes or make sure that fixtures are working properly. If you are new in the business, know that there will be certain occasions when you will have to replace some of the said fixtures, and your clientele will expect you to take care of finding the materials for that as well.

It may seem like it’s out of your job description, but actually, their expectation is not without cause. At the very least, you should be able to point them to a contractor who will have access to a supplier who can deliver the requirements, such as Rotax Metals.

Brass Tube

Replacement Materials

Among the most common materials that may have to be replaced in the bathroom would be the brass tube. This is especially important for bathrooms with brass fixtures. As a professional plumber, you should be very well aware that you cannot just use any other kind of fitting for the brass fixture. For example, it is strongly ill-advised to use iron fittings with brass fixtures because their combination will certainly result into the iron fitting’s electrolytic decomposition. Not to mention, the mismatched materials will hardly do the room’s aesthetics any favors.

Knowing Your Brass

If you are working with brass, it is also important for you to know that there are different kinds of brass, too, depending on their mixture. There are high brass, leaded, lead-free, white brass, and more. Each kind of brass has its own ideal applications, but it will be ultimately up to you to determine that.  What makes it especially ideal for bathroom uses, however, is the fact that brass is just perfect hot water distribution. See, with other metals, hot water can cause rusting much faster. Brass reacts better to this element, though, and so will not cause any such problems.

Easy Access to Brass

With your own regular supplier, it should be easy for you to find the fitting that you will need specifically for your current project. There are different kinds of shapes and finishes, too, including brass square tube, among many others. Choose the right size and kind of brass, and you should be able to deliver the consistency and the appropriate improvements that you need.

Having the right materials will make it easier for plumbers to do their jobs. Make sure you’ll have the same easy access for it, too. 

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