2017 Jewelry Trends Include Elements Crafted from Brass Sheet Metal

Brass is making a comeback as the metal of choice for makers of fashion jewelry. Today, jewelers are experimenting with new designs as well as adopting local ideas and a mixture of materials.

Apart from its aesthetic appeal, jewelers particularly like how the metal is resistant to corrosion. If you’re a jewelry craftsman and interested in using brass for the first time, here are some ideas about brass sheet metal for jewelry trends in 2017 and how to find brass suppliers.

Inspirations from Local History

Brass designs for 2017 are trending, replete with local history and combination of different raw materials. Jessica Monty from Mauritius makes exceptionally artistic adornments by combining local beads from Nigeria with metals. When she last visited Nigeria, she learned about the history of beaded accessories and that kings and chiefs once used beads to express their significance and social rank.

2017 Jewelry Trends Include Elements Crafted from Brass Sheet Metal

Monty makes jewelry with this in mind, designing them for tribal leaders or monarchic royalties. She produces dramatic earrings and necklaces that include beads and brass shaped to specific tribal signs such as the sun and in the form of healing pendants.

Going Bigger

But don’t just go local, go bigger! As Monty showed, many jewelers have restored big earrings as the latest 2017 trend while fashionistas are doing away with the no-earrings style of 2016. The idea of the less-jewelry-the-better is gone!

Liza Graves features many brass earrings in her blog where some are at least 2.5 inches long and use antique styles fit for Egyptian Queens. You can make curved geometric designs such as rectangles and triangles or mix brass shapes with other materials such as feathers and wood for a startlingly new look.

Finding Brass Suppliers

When you’re pumped up by new design ideas, the next logical step is to find reliable suppliers. You will need supplies of brass sheet metal. You will also need to learn about different kinds of brass and their properties so you can find the most appropriate type for specific jewelry designs you have in mind. Find brass suppliers who know how brass is used for different kinds of jewelry. They can give you helpful advice on what to specific brass metals to buy and how to use them.

2017 is the year of the local themed designs and big jewelry. Make your own designs stand out by using brass sheet metal on its own or combined with other materials. The result? Accessories that speak of local culture and with a healthy dose of casual elegance!


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