Freshen Up an Old Home Using Furniture and Lighting With Brass Tube

Old homes are beautiful, some are replete with history and exude a vintage feel. However, aging without proper maintenance may take a toll on the overall design or perhaps on some of the furniture in it.

If you’re an interior designer who’s been tasked with finding ways to freshen up older homes, consider adding brass to get an updated look. Here are some ideas about brass tube in furniture and lighting fixtures to help you get started.

Brass Tube in Furniture

Brass tubes come in different widths and shapes, including brass square tube. They are commonly used in furniture because of their beautiful gold color apart from the fact that they’re easy to form, durable, and resistant to corrosion. When freshening up an old home, browse through an online catalogue of brass furniture first to get a feel of how they will fit into your general design.

Freshen Up an Old Home Using Furniture and Lighting With Brass Tube

Several ways of incorporating brass tubes are using them as frames for chairs, tables, and desk ornaments if you like designing furniture yourself. Otherwise, you can buy brass tube furniture that would match the client’s needs and your own tastes.

A glass table with wooden sides and brass tube legs would look good in an old home as it sends a classic, earthy vibe. Glass vases with brass square tubes can add a modern twist to old homes too. Beds with brass tubes for frames age beautifully through its natural patina or owners can clean them periodically to preserve their shiny look. Brass accents on other kinds of home decorations can complete the classic feel.

Lighting Up with Brass

To complete a livened up look, you’ll need to jazz up some lighting fixtures too. Contemporary brass lamps can look perfect in the living room and the bedroom. You can also make a chandelier out of brass tubes to create a unique lighting fixture. Pendant brass lamps at the recreation room or where you usually want to read and rest improve both lighting and ambiance. You can buy a circular set of pendant lamps for the dining room to get that calm look you want when eating with family and friends.

Brass is beautiful and can fit old homes perfectly. Brass tubes can either enhance antique designs or add a modern twist to your interior layout. Either way, the right balance of brass and other materials can make an old house feel refreshingly comfortable and relaxing.


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