Where to Buy Copper Sheets for Your Latest Kitchen Renovation Projects

Copper sheets are the to-go choice if you want a new, cleaner, and more elegant tone for your kitchen. Imagine that beautiful shiny color in your kitchen and you’ll feel excited over the final outcome! If you’re an interior designer or a DIY property owner who’s interested in renovating the kitchen, check out some of the many ways you can use copper and where to buy copper sheets.

How to Use Copper Sheets in Kitchens

Copper sheets can be used as kitchen countertops. Copper makes great countertops because they’re resistant to corrosion apart from looking downright exquisite. Remember though that countertops are battered constantly with pots, pans, and other heavy kitchen items so it’s advisable to use thick copper sheets. At the minimum, install 26 gauge copper sheets on your countertops.

Where to Buy Copper Sheets for Your Latest Kitchen Renovation Projects

Apart from countertops, you can use copper sheets for your backsplash. Copper sheets for this purpose do not have to be thick so a 22 or 24 gauge may do. Putting up the copper sheets is comparable to roof flashing. The sheets can be glued to the wall or laminated to a blackboard before installing. Nails and screws are not advisable as they will blemish the look.

Also, just to remind you, copper naturally oxidizes due to air and moisture. Oxidation gives copper that green patina look. Some homeowners like the rustic patina appearance. However, if you prefer to maintain its shiny condition, you can apply lacquer on your copper sheets to delay oxidation.

Where to Buy Copper Sheets

When looking for a copper sheet supplier, make sure you order from a trustworthy one who’ll give you exactly what you ordered for the right price. Copper sheets are available in different hardness, density, and strength. A reputable copper sheet supplier will give you high-quality copper sheets with the particular characteristics you desire, and may even give advice on what type most suits your project.

You don’t have to wait long to achieve the kitchen of your dreams. Contact a reliable copper sheet supplier now and ask about the prices and the characteristics of their products. That will bring you closer to that shining elegant look that will make you want to stay in the kitchen and cook all day.


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