Lasting Metals Made for Jewelry Can be Found at Copper and Brass Sales

Brass and copper jewelry tend to be overlooked because gold and silver are more popular metals. However, if you look at brass and coper closely, they possess exquisite colors– reddish-brown in the case of copper and gold in the case of brass. Currently, some jewelers are finding brass and copper more attractive than the standard gold and silver. They must find good deals, however, because both copper and brass are not inexpensive.

If you are jeweler, you owe yourself a closer look at brass and copper as well as the places to find copper and brass sales.

Chic and Durable Metals for Jewelry

Let’s start with copper. On one hand, 22 gauge is a good level of copper sheet thickness when making copper jewelry. It’s thin enough for bending and easy cutting, but suitably rigid to hold shapes and designs. On the other hand, a 26 gauge gives you greater pliability if you want to emboss something on a copper sheet.

There are many ways to use copper for jewelry. You can turn copper into a pair of hanging earrings with hearts or other specific shapes. Try modernizing them with simple geometric shapes. You can also accent bracelets and necklaces with copper.

Lasting Metals Made for Jewelry Can be Found at Copper and Brass Sales

Besides copper, you can use brass. Though not as shiny as gold, it’s definitely as beautiful if you like a yellow-gold look. Brass is durable and ages well. You can turn brass into bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. Some beautiful brass earrings are the dangling variety with a native style. Brass is pliable enough to emboss zodiac signs and even letters on pendants for necklaces, too.

Brass jewelry can also be designed for men. Brass cuffs may be turned into an ID tag or a simple bracelet. Cufflinks can likewise be made out of brass, waxing elegance and distinction.

Looking for Copper and Brass Sales

Now that you’ve settled on the design, it’s time to look for copper and brass sales. Search online for good deals. Some copper and brass suppliers may not have promotions upfront, but you may ask for discounts if you plan to buy in bulk. Several big companies already stock copper and brass for sale online, so, don’t hesitate to check out their prices.

Copper and brass are beautiful metals because of their durability and uniqueness. Finding copper and brass sales will help you reduce your material costs; it is advisable to purchase in bulk to save in the long run.

Finally, look for reputable suppliers who are known for good deals and can offer the exact characteristics you need for your varied brass and copper jewelry projects that give your jewelry the edge you desire.


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