June 22, 2018

Copper and Brass Sales—Understanding the True Value of Copper

value of copper

Among the metals that have great contributions to global development, copper is arguably the most valuable. Apart from being the first metal to have been discovered and utilized by man, it also has spawned a long list of alloys that now aid the advancement of various industries.

Why Copper Is a Popular Material

There are a number of reasons why copper is quite a remarkable material. First, it’s fairly malleable, which means it can be hammered, rolled, or pressed into thin sheets without breaking. That property alone allows copper to be utilized for a plethora of applications. It’s no wonder many are looking for a good copper sheet supplier to provide the needs of their projects.

Second, copper is ductile. Quite many metals have a similar property but copper exhibits a degree of ductility that can actually be put to good use. This metal also has high electrical and thermal conductivity, so it’s perfect for applications that involve high temperature and voltage. Since it is also ductile, copper makes a good material for electrical wires. In fact, majority of electrical wires used in any industry are made of copper.

Copper also has antimicrobial properties, which is extremely useful for water filtration and purification applications. With all of these valuable properties, it’s hard to think of life moving forward with copper. Most people may not notice it but this metal can be found almost everywhere from within the walls of their homes to under the hood of their vehicles.

To give you a better idea of how useful copper is, here are the major industries that utilize it.

Building and Construction

The construction industry is the biggest consumer of copper supplies in 2017. For the past few decades, it’s the electrical and electronics industry that used the majority of copper products, but it seems modern structural designs that are geared toward longevity and efficiency require better performing metals like copper.

Normally, copper is used for making heat exchanger tubes for condensers in steam power stations and chemical plants, irrigation and agricultural sprinkler systems, and piping at distillation plants. It is also the best material so far to be used for building seawater feed lines, cement pumps for drill water supply, and tubes for distribution of natural and liquefied petroleum.

Electrical and Electronics

Copper is still the most ideal metal for making electrical wires and essential parts of electronic devices and machines. If you break into a cellphone or tablet, chances are you’ll find a bunch of small pieces, including connectors, circuitry wiring and contacts, printed circuit boards, micro-chips, and electromagnets. Most, if not all, of these parts are made of copper. While other metal types can be used, copper exhibits high efficiency and conductivity, which are expected from these items.

Transportation Equipment

Did you know that there’s roughly 25 kg of copper in your vehicle, and if you remove the parts made of it will render your vehicle completely useless? These parts include the wiring for glass defrost systems, fittings, fasteners, and brass screws, and hydraulic lines. Copper also performs a great deal in the vehicle’s electromagnetic needs.

These are only a few of the applications of copper that you should know about before purchasing copper and brass sales for your project. Understanding how valuable the metal you are using is, you will have greater respect for its use and be extra careful when choosing the correct alloy. To make sure your copper supplies are of the highest quality, turn only to a reputable supplier like Rotax Metals.

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