Artists and Designers Enjoy Trendy Possibilities with Copper and Brass Sales

Shiny, metallic items like brass and copper are deemed elegant—and classic—pieces that never fail to upgrade the look and feel of a room even with just their humblest of presence. Never mind if it’s just in the form of a simple handle or a trimming on a fixture, its glossy presence is already enough to warrant heads turning in their direction.

For artists and designers alike, it is highly recommended that they keep in touch with their trusty suppliers for copper and brass sales, especially now that trends are showing it will once again be very high in demand. Here are some ideas you can consider for its incorporation in your art or design pieces.

Check Out Copper and Brass Sales for Cost-Friendly Design Materials

Modern and Minimalist

Going big this year is the minimalist and modern theme. There’s no need to clutter space with a lot of busy prints and patterns just to make it feel cozy and inviting. With brass or copper, the room can easily achieve a quiet and relaxing mood without trying too hard. The cleaner the surface, the clearer the mood of the room’s occupant should be, too.

Metallic and modern should not mean cold and unapproachable either. The great thing about materials like copper and brass is that they are very versatile and can easily be incorporated with other materials like wood or even leather. It’s just a matter of having that keen eye for aesthetic design to make sure that you can pull this combination off.

Geometric Shapes and Patterns

If you want to take designing with metals from a different angle, then why not use geometric shapes and patterns to provide an interesting focal point or subject? It doesn’t have to be a one, huge structure on the wall too, but rather it can also be used in various accents and decors.

A lamp stand, for example, can have interesting geometric details at its base or running along its length. The same goes for hanging light fixtures too. Some artisans create decorative metal work that can be attached to the wall like crawling metallic vines. You can also use metallic “patches”, or little badges of metal squares engraved with various designs, and then patched strategically onto another object like a tabletop or the back of the chair for a little surprise detail.

Bold and Beautiful

Meanwhile, if you don’t want to leave any doubt as to what the central theme of your design space is, then simply go all out and get metal furniture. From shelves to tabletops, wall centerpiece and kitchen backsplashes, you can rely on the metals like brass and copper to deliver a clean, modern vibe without the cost.

To help you pull this off, you’ll need a trusty and reliable metal supplier like Rotax Metals. To further save you time, effort, and money, it’s also highly recommended that you buy your materials in bulk.


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