Brass for Sale: This Metal Dominates the 2018 Trends in Home Design

Metals like brass have always been a reliable alternative to the expensive gold materials that add an undeniable touch of elegance in any home interior. This is, in fact, one of the reasons why it’s always been a clear and favorite choice for designers and homeowners alike. Not only is it able to mimic the appearance of gold, but it also does so without burning holes in the client’s pocket.

For 2018, interior design aficionados would be glad to know that brass once again makes it to the top trends to look out for this year. Apart from the Ultra Violet Pantone Color of the year, here are some other ideas you can consider to keep your project interior space, whether home or office, updated and modern.

Finding Top-Quality Brass for Sale for Trendy Home Interior Designs

Brass Accents and Décor

This, perhaps, is the easiest way to incorporate brass in a room. Just a bit of brassy touch and almost immediately, you’ll see an elevation in the object’s aesthetic. A simple brass doorknob, for example, can make a plain door looking elegant. The same goes for the handrails on the stairs, lined up with brass trim. Even if it’s just a minimal application on the edge of a table or mantle, the pop of shiny brass color can already do wonders in elevating the feel of the room.

Artisan Fixtures

For bolder statements, you can also use artisan fixtures that use brass as a primary element. Intricately designed lamps, glass table with brass for legs, and brass-gilded mirrors are subtle choices with huge impact. Of course, it’s all a matter of finding the right artisan who can deliver the right designs that fit the space owner’s design preferences. Rest assured though that there won’t be a shortage of supply of this material in design stores. Safe to say you can expect a lot of brass for sale this year, especially because it’s trending in the design universe.

Brass Artwork

To further complement the little bits and pieces of brass elements in the room, go all out and invest in an all-brass artwork. Artists love using brass for their work not only because it is easily accessible and cost-efficient, but also because it simply is a joy to work with. It’s malleable but sturdy, and is highly versatile, perfect for a multitude and variety of uses. From towering lean sculptures to simple carvings, brass artwork can stand as an effective focal point, or even a side display, for an otherwise humdrum room.

Kitchen Backsplash

Speaking of focal points, nothing quite says “Center of Attention” as much as a shiny kitchen backsplash does. If you want to keep a minimalist but attention-grabbing feel to the kitchen, this is among the simplest way to go about it. Use an entire sheet to cover up one full wall over the counter, or cut into strips to form clean and elegant patterns. The reflective surface easily makes for a great optical illusion, making the kitchen space much larger than it actually is, which should be great particularly for those who are not too keen of tight spaces.

For interior designers and others who tend to work with metals a lot, brass is simply a no-brainer choice. It’s got all the advantages going for it, and it certainly does deliver on the promise of adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to any place or any thing it is incorporated with. Should you face a client who wants a cost-efficient solution to upgrading their space interior, let the brass do the work for you.

Fortunately, you can rely on reputable suppliers that do provide quality materials at great deals such as Rotax Metals to get you what you need.


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